Monday, April 28, 2008

First post, from New York

This blog post is made in New York, from Luke and Anna's welcoming apartment in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Luke and I have been exploring NY, NY for two days, on foot, by bike and subway. Three of the shots above were taken yesterday in the Museum of Modern Art in its (new for me) premises. The first photo is the start of the NY camino on Saturday one of whose highlights was seeing Anna sing the national anthem at a ANZAC Day gathering organised by the New York Magpies (yes, the Collingwood Magpies doing the 'sidere mens eadem mutato' thing here (the same mind under a different sky or 'see the men eating potato', as you prefer, both appropriate here (thanks, James McAuley)).

This post is made on Andy's birthday. Happy birthday. Hope the Big Pirate spoiled you.

More news to follow, especially on the Camino itself.

Best, Paul